three falls, a submission and a knockout!

Well, I’ve done battle with myself and given myself a good talking to! I looked through some photos this morning and came across a photo of myself at the Eden project, which is just around the corner from where I work and ‘locals’ with the production of a utility bill or ID can pay once and come back when ever they like for a year, which we have done. Often, we just go there for a walk. I ‘play’ all the ‘interactive’ games (all made of wood and old tyres from what I have seen), check out how the plants are faring and love the sculpture. I have so much to be thankful for and only have to look around a house that: I can afford to heat, furnish and the garden around my house. I live simply and to put it simply life is good. Here’s something else that reminds me too……enjoy listening to Martha Tilston xxx


5 thoughts on “three falls, a submission and a knockout!

  1. I really envy you a woodburner to heat your house. I got home from work yesterday to find the gas and electricity bills waiting on the doormat. According to their actual readings (not estimates), we have used £60 of electricity and £85 of gas per month in the last quarter. We have the central heating on for one hour on weekday evenings and 2 hours on weekends if we are in during the day. We also have a gas fire on during the evening in the living room. We cook and heat water with gas too but that is minimised as much as possible. Grrrrrr!! I already dress like the Michelin man's wife. I spent last evening racking my brains to see how we could pare the bills down.


  2. So glad you are feeling more positive today. Fab song by Martha Tilston, never seen her in concert but I have seen her Dad and Step-mum loads, Steve is a brilliant singer/songwriter and a very friendly guy. Would love to live near the Eden Project, lucky you. We are just preparing for our 320mile journey to Plymouth tomorrow. Hope your weather is good!


  3. Wow, you work next to the Eden Project Jane. One place, I'd love to get to! hasve you been to the Lost gardens of haligan yet! If so, any piccys?

    Oh, you are also very photogenic too Jane.


  4. I saw the name Martha Tilston and thought, “That's quite unusual. I wonder if she's any relation to Steve Tilston, who I remember seeing on the folk club circuit during the 1970s.”

    Well she is, of course, his daughter.
    It's fascinating to hear the talent passed down.


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