Being frugal is rubbish today!!!!!

Today I am fed up of being skint, fed up of having to make do and fed up of being frugal. It’s the end of the month and I’m trying to make everything last two weeks so tonight there are leeks and potatoes in a cheese sauce with a gammon steak each – 2 for £1 in Lidl, leeks 39p, potatoes about 5p and sauce about 20p total for both of each of us is 85p each. We need to fill up as we won’t eat again until tomorrow and dearly beloved would eat deep fried earthworms if they came with gravy and I know he’ll enjoy it. But – I just wanted anyone who’s having to cut back, who has to make the ends stretch before they will meet, that none of us like the constant cut backs and some days it is rubbish!!!! Debt count down? 31 months to go before I am debt free and I’m nearly ending one of those months. Grrrr!


14 thoughts on “Being frugal is rubbish today!!!!!

  1. sometimes venting about it helps! that meal sounds delicious and not at all frugal!

    btw have you read a blog called operation night brace? its still there, although their story is over – its all about the short term pain for long term gain, very funny and romantic too.


  2. Aww stick at it Jane. We all get gray days! Your bog is really good too, much more together than mine. How do you find the time, with work and children and your busy life?


  3. Hey girl, don`t fret. We all need to be able to have a good old rant about our sometimes shitty life! And often things happen all at once or come tumbling down on top of you in three`s. I just had one of those episodes. Hopefully you can pass it soon and feel better.
    Look up `Sarina`s Randomness' blog and you will see what I mean. Cheer up, tomorrow will feel differently.


  4. Hang in there! You'll do it – you've got the stickability required. We've all seen it in your previous posts.

    And that dinner sounds delicious and certainly not a really frugal tasting one whatever the actual cost was. Keep it up!


  5. Hello Frugal Queen, I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now. Thought I would just pipe up to encourage you, being that you are clearly feeling the strain just now! When I was in my early 40s, I decided that I would become entirely debt-free (including the mortgage)by age 50. Well, I worked like stink and I did it – three months after my 50th birthday I did not owe a penny to anyone! It was not always easy, and I had to make some tough choices – but I can tell you, there is no feeling like it! Three years on, I still feel grateful every day for the choices I made. Since then, I have been able to concentrate on building up my savings – much more fun, and in no time at all you will be in the same position as me. Nothing worthwhile every came easy, as our Grandmas told us! Hang on in there – I can tell you, without any shadow of doubt, you are doing the right thing.

    All the best,



  6. I know it can be hard…I keep thinking about the amount of debt I'm going to leave university with, it's going to be well over £30,000. Keep at it, your blog is always an inspiration.

    Also, on the topic of food, might I recommend Asda's curry sauce; it's only 5p for a 440g jar. It tastes great and makes enough for about 4 people. I always cook up a big batch and freeze it down. 🙂


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