Deerpark Forest, Herodsfoot, South East Cornwall

Yesterday, as snow fell on many parts of the UK, we were bathed in sunshine and we took ourselves off to Deerpark Forest. We often pass the sign when we head for Looe and have wanted to go here for quite a while. We took dearly beloved’s camera but I can’t resize the pictures we took; to allow me to load them on here so you’ll have to do with photos I’ve found on Google. As you can see, it’s a short way from the A38 and only 15 minutes drive from my home in Liskeard.

……and it’s well sign posted all the way.

The land is owned and well maintained by the Forestry Commision and a well laid out path meanders through the forest, crosses streams and rives and takes you into the bottom of a sharp sided valley. The walk was muddy in places and we really must get walking boots as our walking shoes are just not up to the job and we got merrily wet, but we didn’t mind. It’s a circular walk and we ended up back at the carpark to sit on one of the picnic tables and enjoy the coffee we brought with us in brilliant sunshine and got our breath back after the walk back out of the valley.

We must have spent a good couple of hours out in the sunshine and had such a lovely time. The village itself it delightful and as is usual for Cornwall, out of the reach of mortals as a 1 bedroom cottage without parking or garden is for sale at one hundred and thirty five thousand, so that’ll be for someone who doesn’t earn Cornish wages. Nonetheless, we can dream and good luck to those who live in such an idylic place and I look forward to the next time we walk there – cost of our day out? nothing more than the litre of fuel to get there, parking is free and the coffee came from home.


4 thoughts on “Deerpark Forest, Herodsfoot, South East Cornwall

  1. That's a coincidence, seeing the sign for Polperro. I have just finished reading a book by Dorian Amos who was an artist in Polperro. Him and his wife Bridget emigrated to The Yukon. The book is called The Good Life, a fantastic read.


  2. you sure do live in a beautiful part . It,s not bad in Leicestershire where I live . a nice village but hilly
    Thank you for visiting my blog again , The rose on my header was new last year, at the end of the summer the leaves looked dreadful and all fell off but it has buds now so hopefully it will reward me with these roses again—————-cottonreel


  3. I know the area as well. Cornwall is the nicest place in Britain, I think. But then, I lived there for a while and wouldn`t have anyone say anything bad about it, lol. I would happily re-locate back to Penzance, if I could.


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