Frugal Gourmet – Salmon in garlic bread crumbs for £2.80 for two

Saturday nights for year was the night we went out, found somewhere classy to eat and worried about how we would pay for it later. We loved the restaurants on the Barbican and kept quite a few people in work for many years. Now I feel I can beat them at their own game and for pennies. First of all take some old bread out of the freezer, home made or shop bought it doesn’t matter. Wizz for a few seconds in the food processor along with garlic powder, Italian mixed herbs, salt and freshly ground black pepper.
Use defrosted Aldi wild salmon steaks, dipped in a beaten egg and then rolled liberally in the garlic and herbed bread crumbs.

Bake in the mini-oven as it takes very little energy and the salmon cooks in 20 minutes and the breadcrumbs are crispy as I drizzled some oil over the pan before putting them on it and over the fish too.
Serve with a huge pile of steamed veggies any will do – my broccoli was starting to go a bit yellow as it’s been in the fridge all week, as have the carrots but they really were good to go.
We buy lemon juice in bottles from the ‘Chinese’ super market in Plymouth, where everything comes in litre size bottles and lasts for ages and so sprinkle with lemon juice and tuck in – gourmet dinner for two for £2.80. It was delicious and I would have been thrilled if I had been served that in a restaurant and from start to finish this took under 30 minutes.


6 thoughts on “Frugal Gourmet – Salmon in garlic bread crumbs for £2.80 for two

  1. Hello – just found your blog via – A Piece of Wood I think…..

    anyway I have been looking around and having a read and really like it. Looks like you are on a roll. Great to read your frugal recipes and I love your frugal quotes / reasons to be frugal.

    I read your piece about the washing machine. I think we might be wise to invest in a water saving version as ours is old and I am sure must be part of the reason we are using so much water.


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