I’ve been saving money again today. I’ve discovered I wasn’t on the cheapest electricity tariff so now I am. I am a very low gas user so couldn’t gain from a cheaper tarrif as the standing charge was high so stayed where I am. I needed to renew the boiler insurance and used go compare to find the cheapest, then rang round and saved myself lots of money by doing so. Have worn a couple of extra jumpers today so haven’t needed to put the heating on and ate the leftovers from last night’s dinner so had no extra food costs.

In all, by being proactive this week I have saved money on water; now have a meter (saved £900 per year) electricity gone from standard tariff to sing online 17 and will pay half (saved £500 per year) of what I did per unit, renewed the boiler insurance and have paid half of what I did last time; Homeserve – half the price of British Gas (saved £90) Total saving which will go towards debt repayment £1490 per year. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t do this sooner. If I had always lived a frugal life, then I would have a much higher standard of living now.


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