Making it look easy!

My mum has always been able to make something out of nothing, as has my dad. Mum and Dad have bought every item of furniture, every plate, every glass and saucepan and most of their clothing from car boots sales, auctions, the newspaper and jumble sales. Their lovely bungalow is a bit crowded for me but full of Mum’s treasures. As you can see, she loves blue and white china and nothing on these shelves has cost more a than three pounds and I’m sure she’s bagged a few bargains over the years. Lovely second hand arm chairs are draped with real wool throws and nothing has been bought new in a shop, even the Chinese rug on the floor came via a house clearance auction. I suppose I’ve learnt that it isn’t money that make a home.
One of the things I love about spring are lambs and I stopped to watch these possessive ewes bossing these little guys around. I parked the car in a lay by and walked back just to stand and stare and laugh at them. It was chilly today so I was glad to get back to the car. I know people think that teachers have too many holidays but I was delighted to have time to just watch the world go by today.

Here’s my finished ‘refurb’ and no, the flowers are not real. I have a whole load of artificial flowers and I take them out, move them around and re-arrange them periodically to make what I have look ‘new’ and now we have somewhere to put our shoes when we come in.
Dinner tonight was extremely fuss free and I finely chopped: half a savoy cabbage, 1 onion, three carrots, 6 mushrooms, 1 yellow pepper and 200g of chicken breast.
Threw it in a sizzling hot wok and added an 80p jar of sweet and sour sauce and had it with some instant microwave rice, which was much reduced on my last trip to Asda.
Dinner was served for pennies, within minutes and of course, the spare was tucked up in a container for lunch tomorrow. I’ve never bothered with ready meals but I see no problem with a helping hand, especially when it’s cheap, quick and tasty.


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