Frugal domestic eco girl’s at it again!

Until recently, four adults lived in my house, all washing clothes and having showers, flushing the toilets and consuming masses of water. Not now, now Mr Frugal and I are left to our own devices we have had a water meter fitted and it came today! We waste lots of water in this country and this will ensure that we don’t and we’ll save money. Any one, who has South West Water as a provider knows that we have the highest water bills in the country and this will ensure that our bill will be less than half of what it used to be.
I was pleased that they cleaned up all the mess and left the meter with a tidy cover that’s easy to lift up and check on our own consumption (p.s I haven’t flushed the loo yet today!!) ADDED AT 8PM – JUST HAD A SHOWER AND BECAUSE I’M CURIOUS – I MEASURED HOW MUCH WATER I USED AND IN MY FIVE MINUTE SHOWER – I USED 18 LITRES – COST? 0.86 FOR 1000 LITRES = 0.015 (SAME COST AGAIN FOR DISPOSAL) = 3P (BEFORE VAT) FOR A SHOWER! I LOVE SAVING MONEY! – STILL HAVEN’T FLUSHED THE LOO YET
This side table has been in our possession since we moved in together over 13 years ago and we’ve just made do with it. It was in our first ‘home’ along with other furniture and useful items such as a washing machine, which had been abandoned by the previous owners and their frivilous ways have meant we’ve had bits and bobs of their ‘free’ furniture which have been put to good use for years, but as you can see…’s starting to look shabby.
However, when this is dry; it will be shabby chic! There’s a lovely shop in Liskeard that sells all thing French: beds, quilts, kitchen units and I found a paint that is very popular with those painted pieces of furniture. My bedside cabinets, which I brought with me when I left mum’s home in 1982 and I’ve put to good use ever since, are also painted in this colour and I’m using what’s spare. I’ll give it another coat tonight and by tomorrow morning I’ll have a ‘brand new’ side table.
Speaking of drying. As we have no tumble drier, I’ve mastered turning washing around on a 24 hour cycle. It’s not as convenient as a tumble drier but here’s how I do it. Firstly, I watch the weather reports and wash when I’m going to have a dry few hours. I wash my heavy clothes first as they take longest to dry and whilst they are drying; I keep my lounge shut up so it gets as warm as possible from the sun hitting the patio doors. The lounge is stiflingly warm as the house is south facing and the lounge and dining room never need heat in the day time, even in the winter. Now the room is warm and will stay warm until later; I will be able to dry the washing without putting the heating on. So a truely frugal day where I’ve saved the planet, my money and resued a tatty piece of furniture that will live to see another day.


6 thoughts on “Frugal domestic eco girl’s at it again!

  1. We aren't terribly frugal but when we moved into this house, over 25 years ago, we also inherited a 'cast off' washing machine from the previous owners.
    Although that machine is long gone, we are still using the three, ugly but functional, dining chairs that had been similarly abandoned, so perhaps we aren't totally feckless.


  2. Most of my furniture is second hand, and quite old. I bought some items from my friend who was selling off her grandparents furniture after they had died, and that was over thirty years ago. I still have a sideboard, wardrobe and dressing table, and two ugly chairs, ha ha.


  3. We often don't flush the loo either in our household of two, or only flush it every other use, so here's to you for going public.

    In a world where some people have almost no water it is appalling how much we use to dispose of our waste.

    Another top tip if you can do it is harvest a bucket of rain water and keep that in the bathroom. A the end of the day just tip this down the loo to remove the days build up as it were.

    Biggest expense in water out of the way then!


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