Frugal beauty.

Some of the ‘beauty bargains’ are gleaned for me by dearly beloved, who works opposite Poundland!!! I know, some people have all the luck! I often ask him to buy something for me/us as he works in the heart of Plymouth and can ‘pick things up’ in his lunch break. The St Ive’s beauty products are great but much much too expensive for frugal me, unless you can get two packs for a pound in Poundland! To keep my skin from drying out, I don’t use soap on my face, just a clean wet flannel and skin wipes to remove makeup and instead of any astringents.
So here is Frugal Queen, scrubbed, cleaned, showered and bare faced, not seen by many as I go to work and ‘out’ in make up – I have no need of make up as a mask, nor as you can see, have anything to hide, but I’m a pale faced English girl and I like to add a little colour to my skin.
I swear by this moisturiser and it’s won loads of beauty awards as it does as well as products that are ten times the price. A pot lasts me for a couple of months and costs £1.99 from Aldi. It has a delicate fragrance that disappears moments after applying it. I don’t buy eye creams or neck creams – I just use this all over and I don’t expect it to get rid of wrinkles as only surgery or a time machine can do that and I really don’ t mind looking 44 as I am 44!
I used to buy all my make up from Clinique and it was one of the first things that went when I embarked on my frugal journey. There are loads of top quality make up products that cost under £3 and I can recommend the budget range from Marks and Spencers but I feel the best quality you can buy is Lacura, which is again from Aldi. The ‘touche eclat’ click and cover for eye areas, dark circles etc is about £3 and the product when ‘blind tested’ by several beauty magazines was thought to be as good at Yves St Laurent’s original which costs more than £20!!! To my shame, I have to admit that I used to buy Lancome’s version of this for around £20 and I must say the Lacura product from Aldi is better!
I sometimes pick up complete bargains from TK Max and the ‘competence anti-age’ was £1.99 and is one of the best exfoliators I’ve ever bought again; I used to buy the full three step Clinique system and swore by their exfoliator and again, I must say that the TK Max bargain is much better. The end result? Soft skin with less wrinkles.

I’m off out to lunch today as dearly beloved has taken the day off to take me out to Table, Table……… is a lovely place and two lunches cost £10, which is way over our usual budget for food but we are both going to be working for the rest of the week, dearly beloved as usual ‘at the council’ and me? Ever the frugal have lined up 10 hours of private tutoring this week, which means that debt counter can be reduced by another £300 this week! so I think we can manage lunch.


3 thoughts on “Frugal beauty.

  1. i love this post, i have introduced my teenage daughter to pound land bargans and she found her usual 12 pound make up for you guessed it a pound.

    beauty does not have to be expensive, as you have shown, and you dont look 44 – beautiful


  2. You look fabulous either way, not a day over 30 ish. It's ages since I put any make up on, I find it just gathers in my wrinkles and accentuates them. Probably because my make up is over thirty years old, ha ha. Enjoy your treat today,


  3. I love your natural look! You may class yourself as plain faced and pale skinned, but I think you look rather rosy cheeked in your photo. But I do know what it`s like to need some make-up for daily work life. I used to need an awful lot for my Middle Eastern Dance performances. I now quite relish the freedom of not having to use any during the week. I`ll put some on for special occassions, but find it cumbersome even then. I`ll grow old and wrinkled and will be satisfied with it, I think.


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