Frugal elegance

For those of you who don’t know, I’m an English teacher….so have to dress formally and smartly and the Head of English so have to meet parents at the drop of a hat and need to be ‘presentable’ at a moment’s notice. In my current state of finances that means I have to be a bit creative. My ‘new’ suit cost me nothing and here’s how it’s done. Clear out under the stairs, photograph a load of stuff you no longer have use for. Place photos on ebay and create photographs. Sell things and use ‘paypal’ as another account which you use to buy clothing or things you can’t go without. My new suit ‘bnwt’ which means brand new with tags, has never been worn and including postage cost £13.50…..which we had in our paypal account from selling things on ebay. Next time I have a conference or meeting with some government official; I’ll pull this suit out of my repetoire of equally elegant suits from charity shops and ebay and dress to impress!! I’m off to change out of this now into my jeans and get the next load of washing onto the line and enjoy a potter in the garden whilst it’s dry and sunny.


5 thoughts on “Frugal elegance

  1. That's an excellent idea, and you can always change the look of an outfit by changing the accessories. I have a few smart clothes that I got from charity shops, but the opportunities to wear them are few and far between.


  2. Well done, you! It`s quite amazing what can be found in some charity shops as well. I once bought a glitzy black evening dress with little jacket to match, plus some very nice black shoes to go with it. All of it cost me £6 and I wore it for a mayors ball. People kept asking me where I bought this fab outfit. I was a bit reluctant to tell them it came from a charity shop.


  3. Hi , I,m cottonreel, you joined my blog today ,thank you I have done the same for you
    I think I,ll have to have a go at this ebay selling, I suppose when you have done it a couple of times you get the hang of it .


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