Starbucks without the buck!

I’ve spent very little money in months. It’s becoming almost a game and I’m determined to keep the wages in the bank and then at the end of the month use that to pay off any debts. It may not seem much but I never buy food ‘out’ and know every little bun, coffee and sandwich can add up to a whole lot of money a year. I see people on the train every morning who buy a coffee at the station and carry it to work where as I never do that, nor do I ever buy lunch but make it every day and take it to work along with my snack of toast that I eat on the train going in each morning and feel a real sense of luxury now I have my new flask to go with it. It’s so posh and I’m really proud of it. I then made another flask full throughout the day, whilst others go to the frothy coffee machine or get a flapjack from the canteen. I on the other had spend nothing, pay off my debts and this month put money aside for compost and some second hand scaffold planks for my new raised beds.


5 thoughts on “Starbucks without the buck!

  1. good for you, i have to get back int his routine as i am back at work tomorrow now my maternity leave has ended. SO it will be back to packed lunches and a flask of coffee or soup, to be hoest it is lovely rather than a soggy sandwhich from
    the canteen


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