Our daily bread.

I’ve had a busy day. One of my colleagues needs some where to lodge a few days a week as he has a two hour each way commute from Tiverton in Devon to St. Austell in Mid-Cornwall to work. It’s amazing what people will do for work! So I got a lift home with him and he had a look at the spare bedroom and now I have a three nights a week lodger, who will cater for himself and pay me to stay. So after that, I’ve had no time to myself tonight. Dearly beloved made the bread today, whilst I cooked supper and he makes better bread than me as he follows the recipe to the ounce, whilst I’m a bung it in type of cook. His bread is crispy and golden and delicious. Of all the things we do daily, making our daily bread is one of the tasks which is never a chore and makes our house smell wonderful and I love to unwrap my home made bread at my desk or in the park on a bench in the summer and enjoy natural food, which has no chemicals and made by one of the two of us, fresh each day. It truely is one of life’s pleasures.


4 thoughts on “Our daily bread.

  1. That's good news about the lodger, every little helps. Will he bring his own coat, hat and gloves 🙂

    I am thinking I ought to make some bread, but I keep getting it for 20p from Tesco. Mind you I am a bit nearer to making it, I have a book out of the library, so at least I am reading about it.


  2. The lodger is Ok with the temperature – the heating goes on at 5 and off at 7.30 and it stays warm, but it's set to 17 degrees. The spare room is cosy and my daughter's room when she wants to come and visit – he just wants somewhere to crash three times a week.


  3. Your bread looks lovely – I use a bread maker, but mine never looks as good as yours! Can you share your bread making tips perhaps – I'd love to be able to do it all from scratch, but never feel I have the time – it must possible though as you manage to do it each day LOL
    Thanks Jo (formerly of Cornish Beach Brummie)


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