A walk in the woods…..eventually!

Tourism in Cornwall sustains the economy and blights the lives of those of us who some time feel we live in a theme park. We used to have a season but now, with the advent of attractions such as the Eden Project and family friendly holidays in good quality accomodation, that season has now become all year.
People are much more aware now of bike trails and woodland walks, National Trust grounds and gardens, which are all open, all year round and a delight to those who use them.
So off dearly beloved and I set for Cardinham Woods, owned by the Forestry Commission with miles of woodland walks, bike trails and bridle paths and today there was an endurance horse trial taking place and it was closed to the public, so we turned round and drove away. We then went off to walk in the woods adjoining Lanhydrock House, which is owned by the National Trust, only to find the car park full of people who had probably tried to walk at Cardinham, and like us, had failed.

Almost despondent at this time we headed for home!!!

There are few places around Liskeard that are a mystery to me but we came across more Forestry Commission walks, with access to the public, parked our car and set off. Other than one other couple with their dog; we were the only people there and please excuse me for not telling anyone where this walk is. It’s not on the Forestry Commission website and there is very little parking and for just an hour today. I didn’t see anyone, I could stand and stare into wooded valleys and our dogs could root about and sniff all they liked. GPS on our phone told us we were a long way above sea level and intermittent views of the farmland around us was just beautiful. We will go back there and the hour long walk is just enough for our wee dogs’ legs and has recharged my batteries for another week at the chalk face. My favourite things to do – cost nothing and that walk was just lovely.


One thought on “A walk in the woods…..eventually!

  1. I know what you mean about not being able to find a quiet part of Cornwall just to enjoy the surroundings and avoid the human race for a while – well done in finding this spot – I wish I was psychic, I would read your mind,LOL


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