"Homemade" croissants the easy way.

Step 1 – Go to Aldi down the road from where I work and a nice walk at lunch time!
Step 2. Buy ready made croissants for 89p as everyone at work has been raving about them. Take them home and rip off the outside of the pack, twist the pack and the croissant dough pops out.
Step 3. Unroll the croissants onto a chopping board.
Step 4. cut them along the perforated edges as per instructions.
Step 5. Roll up from the wide end to the narrow end.
Step 6. Place on baking tray and pop into oven at 200 degrees for ten minutes.
Take out of the over and enjoy and I did, they were OK and I’m sure I couldn’t be bothered to make them from scratch and dearly beloved nearly fell down the stairs this morning when he found out I’d ‘made’ him freshly baked croissants for breakfast!!!


7 thoughts on “"Homemade" croissants the easy way.

  1. They look gorgeous! I've just seen It's Complicated at the cinema (definately recommended!) and there is this lovely little bakery on it where you see them making croissants. I had the urge to make some ever since, just haven't found the time yet…


  2. Them supermarket croissants are quite acceptable for a quick snack.
    I used to get them for my kids breakfasts, as a special treat on weekends. Tesco used to sell them, too. Kids all flown the nest now, and I have not used them for years.


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