A perfect Friday

I’ve work late every night this week and have earnt myself an extra £175 after the tax will be taken off and I’ve worked those extra hours private tutoring since the middle of November as I am determined to pay off my debts within two years and have equated that by the time the Olympics start I will be personally debt free. I have endured privations, I certainly haven’t suffered and I’m coming through this frugal journey with not only stoicism but a real sense of pride of taking control over my own destiny. Nonetheless I’m all for a pizze, bottle of wine and a few magazines!!! Don’t worry, I’ve not splashed out. Dearly beloved is the most astute FREEGAN when he wants to be and picked up the Times and the glossy mags on the train coming home. He gets on at one end and walks to the other, picking up papers and magazines off deserted tables and seats and knows I will be delighted when I get some pointless reading to lighten my evening. The wine, all fits into my weekly Lidl budget of £40 for all food, washing products, cat/dog food and toiletries. The pizza, two bases for £1.19 and they are ciabatta bases and we pour on some tomato sauce from the other nights pasta and add the extras. so I’m off to pig out on pizza, with a glass of wine (don’t worry – I make the bottle last the weekend between the two of us) – put my feet up and enjoy the fashion and the gossip!


3 thoughts on “A perfect Friday

  1. Your Dearly Beloved certainly gets my utmost respect; I don't think I'd have any qualms about blagging a stray copy of “The Times”, but making off with “Woman & Home”… that man has got nerves of steel.


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