Supper for 30p each! Beat that?

We bought our mini oven when we were just left with the two of use living at home and we have no need for the expense of a large over. The oven itself was a mere £15 last year, including free delivery!!! It saves us a lot of money. We sometimes shop in the last hour before the supermarket shuts and can often pick up bread or pies for 9p!! We did so last night! consequently dinner tonight costs only 30p each. Here’s what we got for 30p…….2 large carrots each, one large cauliflower floret each, one medium sized potato each and one 4.5 pence pie – both reduced to 9p at the end of the day in Morrisons. Cooked in the mini-oven and one saucepan to reduce cooking costs and all ready within 30 minutes! Now off to eat it. You bet that every little helps!


3 thoughts on “Supper for 30p each! Beat that?

  1. That's really quite amazing how cheap that is! I always want to go to the supermarkets to get the cheap bits at the end of the day but there aren't any shops nearby. Unfortunately I have to get a delivery once a week which adds an extra £4 to the grocery bill. 😦


  2. Incredible – I don't know how you do it – there is never anything like that when we shop LOL!
    BTW I am still having problems with my blog (see post) so I have now taken the step to not post anything more to this blog, and have imported it to another web address. I would love you to continue to follow me. If you would like to, please un-follow CornishBeach Brummie and start to follow the new site on:

    A new name for a new year as I had so much fun bodyboarding last year, however I have left my banner as Cornishbeachbrummie for the time being to prevent too much confusion,

    my card making one is now:
    as it was easier to have them both on the same dashboard and not risk the same thing happening to that one too.

    I look forward to seeing you on the other side….. or blog as the case may be LOL Take care Jo x


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