Saved from the bin to save me money.

Our school library has a selection of daily papers, which if left at five o clock when I leave are taken home by me. I just won’t buy papers and mostly read the papers online. I even read the gossip pages online, Heat magazine and of course the BBC news pages. It seems such a tiny saving but over the 40 weeks a year that I work, I will haved saved myself £1 a day and £200 a year by just waiting until the end of the day and then having the newspaper to read on the way home from work. Along with re-using the newspaper; I am not adverse to rescuing perfectly good reuasble items from the bin. Today, I found some bubble wrap and know we have items which we have sold on ebay, that will need packing and this will save me money. If I bought a daily paper; I would have to work all week to pay for that treat and to be honest, there’s no news that’s worth that……so I’ll just wait for the paper to read later on in the day.


One thought on “Saved from the bin to save me money.

  1. I love it when little things like that crop up. It's surprising how much you can save over the course of a year just by cutting out something from your weekly shopping list. My student bedroom is currently covered in free posters that they were giving out on campus today 🙂


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