Wall-e moments

I’ve always been a bit of a womble, making the most of the things that I find, the things that the every day folk leave behind! The modern version of a womble is a Wall-e. A Pixar films creation about a little robot left on earth to clean up the mess and pollution left behind by inconsiderate humans living on the space ship cross between a cruise ship and Disney world. A Wall-e is a modern day hero, who makes things from things they find or puts them to good use or even just keeps them until they can find a use for it. Well one day, I am determined to find use for: a lifeboat, bumper car, wind up frog, magic wand, rabbit in tutu, prefect badge, a gingham heart and a tiny person barbequing! Of course, Wall-e presides over these treasures on the shelf in my office and each of them was found in an obscure moment, either in a supermarket, on a wall or left on the train and reminds me of the chances of loveliness which often come our way in the most unusual places.


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