Off to the hair dressers!

My hair dresser is called Jane and she doesn’t talk much but she does like to sing along to the radio when she does my hair. Oh she’s a bit messy and often has to wash the hair colourant off my ears, neck and forehead but suprisingly for a bad singer she colours my hair beautifully. I must say though; her salon is fantastic! Whilst I’m waiting for the colour to set in; she lets me use her computer for a quick browse; check my email and read the newspapers and magazines online! She’s been colouring my hair for about three years and has done as good a job as any other hairdresser I’ve ever been to! Here is the Iced chocolate hair – yer tis the dark brown cornish hair………..tis the celt in me, y’see!

Well, my hair dresser is obviously me! I can’t cut my own hair but I can colour it. I use a semi-permanent dye so if I don’t like it; it’ll be gone in a month. Cost £5.75…..I don’t buy the cheap stuff! So my hair is coloured, I don’t have to go any where and no one really knows that I’m grey and of course… won’t tell them! Saving myself about £30 if the cost; from the last time I had this done is still the same.


8 thoughts on “Off to the hair dressers!

  1. I use exactly the same brand of hair dye, have done for the last year or so. All my friends pay £50 or more to have their colours done in the salon which I think is just crazy.


  2. Good on you, I don't colour my hair I save up and get streaks twice a year but I do cut my hair. It's very curly and I was so dissatisfied with paying $80.00 for a cut, that I was never happy with. My hair looks great it's how I want it and I've saved so much money.


  3. That is a lovely photo – you have very pretty eyes 🙂

    I had no idea it cost so much to get your hair coloured at a hair dressers, £5.75 is an absolute bargain – it is a really nice colour.



  4. Lovely shiny hair you've got. I must get on to my hairdresser, maybe she will chop a bit off the top and pick up a colour when she is in town tomorrow. Now what coulour do I fancy for a change.


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