Sometimes you’ve just got to splash out!

Every now and then a girl’s got to go mad and treat herself. Now I wouldn’t normally throw £8 around in Focus but I am doing so to save electricity. Next to my thirteen year old vileda mop bucket is my brand new broom. My old broom is just a clump of tangled nylon that really doesn’t sweep at all any more. In spite of looking, all the brooms seem to have short handles and small head; they’ve been stunted by the economy I think or at the risk of stereotyping made in the far east where people are smaller than Europeans and therefore the broom fits them just fine!

Here you will see, not only how cheap the seeds were but the answer to my earlier post about my coffee envy although I am yet to buy a very small flask. My theory is that I will make my coffee before I leave and pop in my school bag and drink it on the train on the way home. An easy end to my coffee envy! Below are some pots I aim to grow potatoes, carrots and parsnips in whilst encasing them in old net curtains from British Heart Foundation or other good retail outlets of equally charitable status. Mum gave me these so they were free and I’ve heaps of home made compost all at the ready. The gravelled area is where dearly beloved is going to build himself a greenhouse, although he’s not sure from what just yet!
I went mad today and spent £3.70 on ten packets of seeds from Lidl, which averages at 37p a packet. I’ve bought cheap seeds before and they are not perfect and you don’t get 100% success rate, but then you don’t with expensive seeds either. My shop today will last for a lot longer than a week and I went primarily to buy the seeds and could have held out for a another week to shop but didn’t want to miss the seeds and don’t want to go shopping tomorrow or next week if possible. As much as though I love my fellow Cornish people, if they hear there’s something cheap to be had, whatever it is, will be gone seconds after it’s put on the shelves so I’m glad I got there early this week.


5 thoughts on “Sometimes you’ve just got to splash out!

  1. I don't think I would ever post a picture of my mop on the internet! It is in a shocking state and needs a good bleach! *blush*

    Good tip about using net curtains to protect crops, thanks 🙂


  2. ooh love the broom, hahah when ever i go out to buy myself a teat i always come back with something for the house, kids or garden lol

    Must go to Lidl and get seeds, i was there yesterday but in a rush


  3. Other half needs to try and find someone having new double glazing fitted and see if he can get the old windows if they are removed careful enough.

    Failing all else, lean to style greenhouses can be made out of any plastic that will let light through but some work better than others. If he looks up buiding your own poly tunnel on google it will bring back a few useful websites. I did consider building like this but then I decided that time was against me and it wasn't much cheaper than buying a greenhouse. It is an investment that should last and there are some cheap deals out there. Not that I like to recommend new of course.


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