Nothing goes to waste.

I was just thinking about waste food today and how much the average British family wastes. I can hand on heart say we waste nothing. Orange soft with some mould on one side? Eat the one side that’s OK. Banana gone brown and almost gooey? Mush up and add to sponge mixture and pour into bun cases and take to work as a snack. I use everything. Then some!

I compost and own three compost bins and every leaf, grass cutting, kitchen waste and even shredded junk mail is composted. It also forms my workout as I periodically tip it over and dig it about and decant the most composted matter into one bin and the least into another so it rots down most effectively. I then use it where needed in the garden. All of my compost bins have been bought at much reduced prices from local council schemes and I’ve always moved with them. It means that nothing at all goes to waste and what little goes in the bin doesn’t smell of rotting peelings, which has got to be better for the guys who collect the rubbish. I also think the bins have character; like friendly Daleks at the bottom of the garden!


One thought on “Nothing goes to waste.

  1. haha, friendly darleks, i have one of those hding in the greenery. I lvoe that with compostingi have so ittle waste being put out each week, plus lots of compost for my grden, a plus all round


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