No such thing as the wrong weather….

……just the wrong clothes. The boiler man came today, Terry, also a neighbour and we found his number on the side of his van and told us the fan in the boiler was broken and he’d order it tomorrow so we’ll have a few days of me looking like this! Which is not a problem as we didn’t really turn the heating on until December and then only for a couple of hours a day but it’s amazing how it takes the chill off and I’m currently in the chill. It’s incredible how we just flick a switch and then we have a massive bill, whilst actually a few more clothes and just the heating we need in one room will actually do.

Mum, whose wisdom I never truly appreciated until much older, always said “Some is plently, enough is too much!” Though an austere view and quite unfashionable now as we’ve all got so used to enough and never appreciate the some anymore. So I’m sat here in my fleece, with jumper and gilet underneath and my scarf and my hat and have to remember sometimes that I used to sleep in more than that as a child and by the fact that I’m here today: it never killed me. So, I’ve bounced back, fed myself with my £1 supper and even managed to come home early, to some heating and I’m afraid to say, enough supper to leave me feeling very full, in my toasty office as I have an electric radiator and the smile has come back to my face and all is truly well in the world.


4 thoughts on “No such thing as the wrong weather….

  1. I am looking pretty much the same as you, one difference, I have a woolen skirt on over my jog bottoms. I am not going to flick my switch tonight, life was much easier when the heating didn't work at all. 🙂


  2. I now put on ore clothes than switch the heating on or up when the kids do this now, a great acheivement, so glad it was not more serious with yoruboiler and hopefull it will be back up and running soon.


  3. Waytogo, Frugal! Long johns to keep the legs snug, and one right handed fingerless glove to prevent the Cold Mouse Hand.

    And another thing, on saving heat. If you do have a saucepan of hot water that isn't going into tomorrow's stew, don't throw it down the sink; pour it into another saucepan, put a lid on (to stop condensation) and leave it to pass its heat back into the room. Same with washing up water: leave it to cool to room temp, before pulling the plug. Ev'ry little 'elps, as my Granny used to say.

    Have you thought of putting all your stuff into a book, (a really cheap one that people can afford). I do know of one on this theme, but you have more detail.
    Just a thought.


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