A warm welcome waiting for me!

It’s so cold outside that I was delighted to find the station was still manned/or wommaned! when I got off the train at five thirty to wait for Mike’s 5.40 train to arrive from Plymouth. No matter how long our day, how delayed our trains and how cold the walk home; I always enjoy that 20 minute chat on the walk home. The dogs are delighted to see us, but best of all is the delicious smell emanating from the kitchen….bolognaise today and the pasta is bubbling away whilst I write this. The hot pot was a recent purchase and has saved me a fortune as it’s big enough to cook two meals at once, one I will freeze for another day and one waiting for me when I got home. Dinner is often veggie soup and reduced price bread rolls from the co-op, sometimes it’s a chicken stew made of cheap leg or thigh pieces which just fall apart when lifted out of the pot. What ever it is, it’s cheap and a real warm welcome home. Dinner today for two meals, 1/3 of a pack of spaggetti 14p, pack of mince £1.80 onion 5p pepper 30p tin toms 20p tom puree 25p , sprinkle of herbs and garlic granules total £2.79 divided by two – £1.39 for two people for dinner today! and all ready when I got home.


4 thoughts on “A warm welcome waiting for me!

  1. Hi Ilona, I live by my stomach and love coming into a dinner. It's freezing here and I get home almost 12 hours after I leave and yep Bright and new, slow cookers are so easy and simple and I'm glad I splashed out on one.


  2. mmmmmm, i love my slowcooker, the best thing like you, is that after a tured day at wor, starving hungry i walk in to the beautiful mouth watering smell of food, yum yum, that looks so scrummy, making me hungry.


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