Wondering at the ancient

I’ve been at home today, revelling in the wonders of a new washing machine and feeding my son and his girl friend, who came home funnily enough, to do their washing. We’ve had a lovely day, simply chatting whilst I ironed and lolled around with the dogs on our laps, just catching up. The sun has shone on Liskeard today and my Rik and Shelley came back from walking the dogs with red faces looking a lot healthier than usual and, although yesterday and Friday had gloomy news and left me contemplative; I have spent today counting my blessings. I live in such a beautiful place and there are so many places around me which are just stunning. Trethevy Quoit is a ten minute drive from where I live, simply plonked in a field behind a row of cottages. On the day we went to see it, there were local kids climbing all over it and playing hide and seek in and out of it. Sheep or cattle graze around it and there’s nothing to stop anyone looking at it. I love the way they are no different from the Breton Dolmens in Brittany, that this ancient archtecture to the dead linked our ancient celtic forefathers as they came here and we went there and Breton and Cornish are almost indistinguishable. I am very, very lucky to live here and although I may not be in the house I want, I can count my blessings…..as they are many. Dha weles x


One thought on “Wondering at the ancient

  1. We came to Cornwall last summer, sorry you paid for our grockle poop! We actually stayed just outside saint austell so we could go to the Eden Project.

    I spent my birthday up at the Hurlers which was just amazing despite some really bad weather.

    You do have a truly amazing homeland, these are the things that no amount of money will ever buy, I believe it's called happiness! Remember that the people who put that there didn't even have money.


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