Cheap as chips

In our local chippy a portion of chips is £1.50! Good grief! I buy a bag of spuds for £4 and that lasts us a month and a tray of 18 free range eggs for £2.50 and they like wise, last us nearly a month! They never seem to go off! They are cheap as my local green grocer is a van at the side of the road and as hard times bite, he is busier and busier. Every thing is 50p, a swede, a cauli, a cabbage and these are mega veg, where a cabbage takes up most of a bag for life! And, as today is so cold – today is a chip day! My meals are still under a pound each – we have a pork steak (off the butcher’s van at Trago – massive trays of everything – all 2.99 each and yes it’s local stuff – farmers are getting cannier and selling their own produce) , some mushrooms, six cherry toms and a big spud each – chipped of course! So after a long day of teaching 150 different students and then going on to two hours private tutoring and then the luxury of a lift home in a CAR! I needed chips and they are such a beautiful sight! So today I saved £3 by making my own chips…I think my own are better anyway!


3 thoughts on “Cheap as chips

  1. I love chips but have them as a treat, don't have a chip pan but fry them in a bit of oil in the frying pan. A nice cheap treat. In fact it's the only thing I fry, because it makes a mess of the cooker, and I don't like cleaning cookers.


  2. You are awful – I now crave home made chips! perhaps just a few, tomorrow night for supper, with whatever I can find in the cupboards that will go with them… I'm not fussy – I just WANT CHIPS NOW! LOL x


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