Save money, save time, save the planet.

Here is my office. It is heated, is cleaned for me every day, has waitress service, has heat and light and it also takes me to work. I plan on the train, then mark books or essays on the way home. I love finding magazines and papers that people have left….I take them home after I’ve read them to light the fire. I often take toast to eat on the train and feel very posh, munching my breakfast at high speed. I have a tiny ‘note pad’ lap top, provided by work as I said my big lap top was heavy to carry as I use public transport. They admire my ‘greeness’ so gave me the big lap top to keep at home and the mini lap top for working on the train. Oh the savings, I have to be frugal, you know me. I save an hour of my life a day. The drive would cost me an hour a day and now I use that to work and don’t have to do so much work at home.
Clunk click every trip. My trusty Morrisons’ lunch box has recently celebrated its fourth birthday and even goes on day trips and holidays with us. Instead of spending around £2 a day on lunch, I take a packed lunch for pennies – saving me £400 a year and the train saves me £600 a year. Saving time, money and the planet. Another good day in Liskeard.


2 thoughts on “Save money, save time, save the planet.

  1. I like the idea of working out your savings over the year, I hadn't thought of doing that. I might find it a bit more difficult though because I don't do anything on a regular basis, except perhaps food shopping.


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