But I would walk 500 miles…

……..and I would walk 500 more….just to save a quid. I tagged my pedometer onto my belt today and discovered that I have walked five and a half miles today. I walk a mile to the station, half a mile at the other end to school and then the reverse, which still leaves the other two miles I did around my classroom. So it’s no wonder I get tired and so hungry. It’s a good job I was prepared. I’m not shopping this week and using up what we have, so here are some of the oat cookies. Dead simple 4oz oats, 4 oz SR flour, 4 oz marg, 4 oz brown sugar, 4 oz golden syrup. Melt the sugar, marg and syrup in a pan, then add the flour and oats. Form into ping pong ball size balls and then dollop onto a greased baking tray and bake, in the mini oven for 10 mins on 180. As the meerkats would say ‘simples’. These are my version of breakfast bars and I eat them on the train

Here’s my homemade wholemeal bread and yes I was up, in the dark, at stupid o’ clock making sandwiches for us both as we are both on our trains by seven! As ever, the ‘Riviera Express’ full of sleepy travellers, with the lights still dimmed so not to rouse them, delivered me to St. Austell by 7.20 and I was in my classroom by 7.30. I save £600 a year by travelling by train, not to mention the wear and tear on the car and price of tyres and it feels like a treat when we use it at the weekend. Sometimes, dearly beloved cleans it even when it hasn’t been any where! I also save hours of my life, by planning lessons on the way in and marking essays on the way home. It’s also a fantastic place to be a freegan – my train find and walk home find today: Cornish Guardian, 20p and a wand – purple, with ribbons and a shiny silver star. What more could I want?


3 thoughts on “But I would walk 500 miles…

  1. I wore my pedometer to school all last week – until Friday when I realised that I had stopped clicking because my pedometer had detached itself from my waistband and disappeared. I'm cross because I'd only bought it a week before (Christmas money) so it was a waste of money. It had told me that I walk over 3 miles a day around school… but I come by car as both of us work at the same school.

    I like the sound of your oaty bars.


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