Frugal food and easy living.

I bake everyday. It takes seconds. This weekend I have made malted fruit loaf, sweet fruit loaf and a white loaf and before the end of the day I will make a loaf ready for our sandwiches at work tomorrow. Bargain this week, was ‘Can’t believe it’s not butter’ for 48p in the Co-op so I’ve stocked up and got four of those, which makes a change from the cheapest stuff I normally buy.
Another thing I make every week is two fruit cakes, I use Delia’s Dundee cake recipe and use a very cheap mixture of dried fruit and a spoonful
of almond essence and don’t bother with the lemon and orange zest or the

ground almonds and we think it’s just as good. I buy the cake tin liners in the local pannier market and a case of them last me a couple of years. I used two with my Christmas cake. These cakes also improve in a few days as the dried fruit release their moisture back into the cake. Quite lovely and about a Β£1 each to make including cooking time in my mini oven
Frugal roast lunch – number one son back for lunch today so all three of us will have enough lamb, spuds, carrots and parsnips for today’s lunch and left overs in sandwiches tomorrow. I use the slow cooker as it uses hardly any electricity.
It’s been a fantastic weekend really; very restful and the weather today has been fantastic and as ever, I’ve rinsed a few bits of washing out by hand, wrung it out and now it’s in the sunshine and will be dried and put away before the end of the day. The patio doors are open and the house is getting a well deserved airing – the heating has gone back on its meagre timings and all is well and costing us very little in this end of Cornwall!


3 thoughts on “Frugal food and easy living.

  1. I haven't had malt loaf for years! I used to love it…all gooey and buttery….mmmmm πŸ™‚

    That is a really good price for the 'Can't believe it's not butter', I will be sure to pop into the co-op and stock up if they still have some!


  2. Yum – Home made cake – I love trying new recipes, and as you say they take only about 5 or 10 minutes and you have a gorgeous cake that would cost a fortune in the shops


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