Simple pleasures!

Today, I washed the laundry by hand. There’s only the two of us and we make sure we wear everything until it needs washing – i.e it smells or has ketchup down it!!! So because I am frugal, I had a bath as I do every Saturday instead of a 5 minute shower and then, when I got out, I threw in a cup of soap powder and all of our clothes – we always buy dark or coloured clothes – so in they went along with me, with nothing on, for a jump up and down on them! And no, there’s no picture of that, no matter how funny! So my simple pleasure this week is seeing the rack of drying clothes, that have been out in the wind for some of the day and now are finishing by the radiator, which will go off at eight after coming on at 5.

My other simple pleasure is the daily task, not that it is any effort, of making bread. My dear friend Sally, also a frugal queen, gave me the bread maker after her divorce. Her husband bought it and never used it, so we had it as a gift when she saw me kneeding bread one day. I stick in the ingredients every day and make a loaf a bread a day for 17p and I’m always the envy of the staffroom with my homemade bread, with homemade pickle and homemade cake. “I don’t know where you get the time” they say. But those few seconds a day give me massive pleasure. The simple pleasures of a naked workout in second hand bath water and the smell of baking bread in a second hand bread machine. Life doesn’t get much better than this.


4 thoughts on “Simple pleasures!

  1. Oh my God, that is so funny, you never fail to make me laugh. In fact I loved your postings on the other chanel on Sunday night, my mouse was clicking like mad to keep up with it.

    I beat you with the baths, once a fortnight for me. But like you I wear dark clothes, only wash them when I can't stand the smell, ha ha. Ilona


  2. Hi Ilona, I'm standing back and watching the postings on the other channel and wondering what's simple, or frugal about any of their lives? I'm looking forward to Frugal February – I must learn how to post photographs on there – I'm sure they don't believe me


  3. Hi Jane – many thanks fo your lovely comment and for choosing to follow my blog x – Already I am hooked on yours just by reading this post Ha Ha – looks like I shall have to go back over some of your old posts, meanwhile I have an image of a woman jumping up and down in a bath full of clothes – priceless, thank you x


  4. I also like my Saturday treat of a bath instead of my usual beat-my-own-record attempt at a speedy shower. My husband usually goes in first, then me and then some of the washing – just small things. Not as much as you did, though but I reckon it saves a couple of loads in a month. I then rinse it in the sink and leave to drip over the bath. In the spring/autumn/summer it just goes outside. Every little helps 🙂

    My bargain this week was a chicken. Poor thing probably had a horrible life and death but there it was – ready roasted and reduced to 97p when I popped in to our local overpriced supermarket as I was passing on foot. I like to check out their reduced items every now and again. Sometimes there is something worth buying. We had a leg and a wing each for meal 1; a breast each for meal 2; chicken stirfry for meal 3 – and still a generous amount on the carcass for soup for meal 4 tonight. I'm quite pleased with myself for that. Actually, there might be enough soup for a second day if I add Jamaiican dumplings and maybe a spoonful of lentils.

    Have you tried Jamaican dumplings? I got the recipe out of an old Friends of the Earth cookery book I was given many years ago. Very simple. 1 heaped tablespoon of flour (any type) to 1 teaspoon of baking powder. Mix with a little water to a stiffish paste and drop little spoonfuls/blobs into simmering soup. I like to add a pinch of mixed herbs. Simmer for another 15 mins until cooked. They billow out lavishly. The first time I made them, I couldn't believe that they would taste nice with so much baking powder in – but they do. I like tham better than the traditional dumplings with fat in.


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