Frugal Saturday

We’re getting ready to move so have been busy downsizing! The big ‘family size’ top loading American washing machine and dryer have been sold courtesy of ebay and the new small ‘just the two of us’ washing machine has been bought with the funds from the sale – cost £0! Good price as far as I’m concerned and I bought a washing machine made in the EU/Germany where workers are not exploited and it has a very long guarantee! It’s also the first new ‘thing’ I’ve bought in over five years so buy well and buy once is my motto.

The one thing I am not going to downsize on though, even though there is only the ‘two of us’ is our ‘holiday home’ of our, also courtesy of ebay, Cabanon tent! I bought it, along with all the camping requirements for £80 and come hell or high water, even if it has to be a fixture in the hallway – is coming with us. The picture is of me, giving it an airing, although we didn’t use it this year, we still decided to put it up on the drive to check its welfare.

Frugal cooking day – normally I cook for the whole week on a Saturday but there are so many bits and bobs and leftovers in the freezer that I’ve decided to have a week of if its. I save money by not using a full size cooker and just use my mini-over for our cooking and the main cooker barely gets used at all now.


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