Frugal in france? Not likely

Or was it???? We had the roughest trip ever in a force 8!!! I wasn’t sick, nor was Mike but the rest fo the ship’s passengers were very poorly indeed! People were hanging on to anything for dear life and wretching in every available sick bag…………..the poor dears I did feel for them. I have my sea sickness prevention. Have a good steak and chips, glass of red wine and go to sleep in a bunk and wake up in England just as it docks in Plymouth! Stay still and you wont get too sick!
we had a cheap crossing £68 (then had to add £40 for a cabin each way as it was sooooooooo rough we needed to lie down) Unfortunately for us the Plymouth to Brittany route is the most expensive crossing although only 25 minutes from where we live. Food is Brittany is much cheaper than home and you can eat out ‘le menu formule’ or ‘le plat de jour’ or ‘le menu de jour’ for around £10 for three courses and wine! Well wine which is really quite decent can be picked up from cheap supermarkets such as Netto or Lidl for well under 2 euros a bottle and most of what we bought cost around 1.65 euros. The basis of our trip was romantic and time for us and the side line is a car full of wine. Do not buy from the British owned wine and beer shops unless you want to pay a lot more than is needed for your wine. Super U and E. LeClerc are better supermarkets, offer more choice and sell the better foood but Netto is the best value for wine.

We spent the day in and around Roscoff and St Pol de Leon, BUT it was November the 1st and we learnt it’s a religious festival all hallows day and the French have the day off and visit the graves of their relatives and take beautiful flowers to put in the grave yards. So all of the supermarkets were shut but the restaurants were open and we discovered Netto for the first time and the wine selection was fantastic and the prices were the best we have ever paid. So the fridge is full of cheese, cider and the cupboards are stocked with wine and hubby and me had a great time. Cold but lovely to get away. Stayed in a ’boutique’ hotel for 68 euros for the night ( we save money and make sure that our frugalism means we can treat ourselves when we want to.


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