Here’s something I frugally prepared earlier

Like all people I have energetic days and can’t give a fig days and today is the latter! I batch cook and have a stash of food in the freezer. Here are two cottage pies and yes they are in old chinese takeaway boxes! So because I’m on half term holiday I’m catching up with coursework marking and not cooking today. However, batch cooking is one of the greatest ways to save money, fill up your oven with about four meals from a kilo of frozen mince. From this I make two lasagnes and two cottage pies and freeze for a ‘can’t give a fig day’. The ‘gravy’ is a little tomatoey because I add tinned tomatoes to almost every thing to add flavour and make anything go that little bit further. When I reheat these (for about half an hour in a hot oven) I will only have to switch on my mini-oven (one of those microwaves and ovens in one). Save time and save money.


One thought on “Here’s something I frugally prepared earlier

  1. I love home-made cottage pie and also use old chinese takeaway tubs (ours are plastic) to freeze the extras that I make.I also use these tubs as sandwich boxes, and to freeze my excess runner beans.


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