Roast dinner for under a fiver!

The joy of my slow cooker. There are appliances in our homes that just eat electricity and our cookers and especially the oven certainly racks up our electricity bill. so here is my recipe for Roast Pork and all the trimming for under a fiver and that includes the cost of cooking. A slow cooker uses the same electricity as a 40w light bulb (not that I have any of those old things any more. So here is the recipe.

Take a look around your supermarket and usually there will be a roasting joint on offer. Here in Morrisons, a shoulder of pork was 3.42. To be honest it’s much bigger than we need but we can use of for sandwiches for tomorrow’s lunches, or I could actually make the roast pork left into another meal altogether by having it cold with some salad and boiled potatoes.

Recipe – 10 potatoes (small) 10p
8 carrots = 10p, 2 onions = 5p, 6 parsnips = 30p Pork shoulder joint = 3.42 = £3.97

Method – before you go to bed the night before – take pork joint out of the freezer!
Before you go to work – peel veg, slice onion and place in the BOTTOM of the slow cooker (I do this at about 6.15 in the morning whilst I’m waiting for the toast to toast and the kettle to boil)

Take pork out of the packet, rinse under the cold tap, place on top of veg, add half a cup of water in the bottom (I worry needlessly that it will dry out) and place the pork ontop. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Put the lid on.

Switch on – I use the low setting and know the dinner will be ready when I get home at five.

I serve broccoli and peas with this but any veg will do.

To make this go a lot further – make up a packet of cheap stuffing as it says on the packet and cook in the microwave – tasty and spread the meal even further.


3 thoughts on “Roast dinner for under a fiver!

  1. I am going to try that tomorrow, I did a lamb joint in the slow cooker last week and that was really good, so looking forward to the pork and veg. Don’t get up so early as you so it’ll have to go on a medium setting instead of low.


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