Frugal Life Long Learning

I am a devotee of reading and learning and today, for the first time since I was a child, I joined the library! I often buy books, admittedly only from charity shops but it still involves the dangerous trip to the cashpoint, which for me is like the trip an alcoholic takes to the bar… drink is never enough! So I got a real ‘retail’ fix!
I browsed for quite a while and came out with a selection! A Crank’s cookery book! Brilliant vegetarian recipes. Ethical Living…..would you flaming well believe it…I opened it to the ‘cost of cheap food’, which is enough to make skint people feel guilty for eating at all!!!!! The rest of the book is to make me feel smug and green when I marvel at the fact that I recycle, compost, live in the bleedin’ dark!!! Look at the fancy taking the books out machine!!! Stick in your card! stick all books in a hole and bingo the books are yours for three weeks with a receipt to take away to tell you when the books are due back. I was so impressed, for parents with children there were games, music CDs, films and any parent could amuse their child for next to nothing with the aid of this library! I’m now off to sit in the window with huge mug of tea and peruse my selection


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