Feed a family of four for £1.10 (twice for lunch or once for supper)


I watched Jamie’s ministry of food and agreed that people need to learn to cook, but it’s not any good having a fabulous programme for people who can’t afford fancy food. We need a TV programme that teaches us how to get by on low incomes, minimum wage, only one income or benenfits such as a state pension (even with pension credits they are not going to be buying posh nosh!)

Here is another one of my minimum wage recipes to show tha tyou can really eat yummy nosh on next to nothing.

Savoury bacon pasties. (£1.10 for four lunches or £2.20 for four suppers 55p per person!!)

Ingredients 300g of flour = 9p (I kilo = 30p)
100g margarine – 19p (half pack of stork cooking marg = 38p – Asda)
Pinch of salt.
Blitz together in a food processor (I saw the Hairy Bakers do this!!! I could never make my own pastry before I tried this!!)
In a bowl keep adding drips of ice cold water (put a mug of water in the fridge) until it’s pasty
Put in the fridge for a while1.
(Pastry cost – 28p )

Finely slice two large onions – place in frying pan – DO NOT ADD ANY OIL (5p)
Open pack of Asda cooking baccon (680g for £1.57!!) – chop into smaller peices, you sometimes have to pick out larger pieces of fat – but that’s rare.
Add to frying pan and gently fry with the onions – try not to burn!
Peel and finely chop 4 small potatoes and two large carrots. (20p)
Add to the frying pan.
Turn off the heat – here I add a good dollop of homemade apple chutney – mine has a spicy ginger taste.
Season to taste – We like

Divide pastry into 8 to make smaller lunch box pasties or 4 for Cornish Man size big supper pasties!!!

roll pasty into circles – dollop filling into the middle – crimp just how you like!

Bake in a medium over (170 if convection) for half an hour max.

I ‘do’ mine to the side in Cornish style and usually get eight [pasties out of this which will provide packed lunch for everyone for two days) we never mind the same thing two days in a row!

You can waste an egg and ‘glaze’ your pasties but to be honest our insides just don’t care if the food tastes good.

My other eco recipe for the day is good old homemade marmalade
£1.20 for tinned oranges for marmalade making
1.5 bags of sugar £1.00
Total for 8 jars of marmalade £2.20 = 27p per jar!
(any old sterilised jars with lids will do….p.s I boil the marmalade for a bit longer so it sets well)


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